Cute, fluffy, playful, loving, smart and fun

Labradoodles are a hybrid cross between a Poodle and a Labrador. Drawing the best from both breeds creates a fantastic combination. 


Extremely friendly and outgoing, the Labradoodle’s characteristics are similar to that of a small child – playful, busy, eager to please and curious about the world around them. Easy going and keen to be friends with everyone.

Labradoodles puppies quickly become an essential part of the family. They’re particularly wonderful with children—loving, gentle, and yet oozing with energy. As family pets go, the Labradoodle is right up there with the classic Labrador retriever in terms of suitability.


Labradoodles are high-maintenance dogs in the sense that they require more care than some other breeds. They have high energy levels and need proper exercise every day. They have coats that require regular grooming. They need training to teach them the correct ways to behave.

Whether you decide to do long walks or short walks, Labradoodles puppies and adults need at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. Although these dogs love their walks, playing around the house also counts as exercise, so be sure to consider this when planning their routine for the day.